Hypnosis FAQ

Questions often asked about hypnosis

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a kind of altered state (much like meditation) where there exists a great level of subconscious trust between the hypnotist and client and where the client’s mind is able and willing to take in and act upon suggestions given by the hypnotist at a deeper level.

Please see my page about hypnosis and the mind model for a more detailed explanation.

How will I feel?

Hypnosis and trance generally is not “sleep”. At the same time everyone’s experience of hypnosis is different. Some people feel fully consciously involved in the process, others say that its almost like an out-of-body-experience. One thing is certain however: your experience of hypnosis is whatever your subconscious mind needs it to be.

“You will be hypnotised not dead” is a phrase that is used not infrequently in the profession and means that while in trance, you will be able to move, scratch and even talk, so if you feel an itch, or a bit of clothing pinching: please move and feel comfortable that you won’t “break” the trance.

Is it Safe?

In the hands of a safe, competent hypnotist hypnosis is great vehicle for positive change and is perfectly safe. In the wrong hands however, in the same way that I can remove a phobia, an incompetent hypnotist might accidently create one! This is why you must spend time discussing hypnosis with your practitioner before you are hypnotised. At the end of the day though, if you’re afraid or still not sure about the hypnotist, your subconscious mind won’t let you be hypnotised anyway.

Can I be made to do something that I don’t want to?

If you were told to jump off a building or shoot someone would you do it? Probably not. Hypnosis is exactly the same: The hypnotist cannot tell you directly to do something you do not want to do.

This also goes for the therapy treatment you might receive: If you don’t really want to stop smoking or whatever it is, then you won’t. Similarly, if you do not believe the therapy will work, it probably won’t (although this is less of a rule and more of a guide as I’ve seen it happen several times).

Can I be hypnotised?

Are you able to follow instructions? Are you alive? Then you can be hypnotised! We go in and out of trance all the time, so there is not reason that you will not go into trance with me. Reading these FAQs and a good discussion with me beforehand will dispel any worries you may have and you will be nice and relaxed and able to take some time for yourself.

When shouldn’t I be hypnotised?

This is an important question, so I have added some bullet points below to make is quite clear.

I will NOT hypnotise you if you:

  • Are epileptic
  • Not that hypnosis will cause a fit, but there are precedents set by money grabbers on this, so its safer not to. Sorry.
  • Are on illegal or mind altering drugs
  • If you are on strong pain killers or other prescribed medication, this will need to be examined on a case by case basis.
  • Are suffering from a mental illness
  • Unless you have not been specifically referred to me by a medical doctor.
  • Are being pushed into it
  • It won’t work anyway as you will not be comfortable or relaxed.
  • Are out to prove that hypnosis won’t work on you
  • For obvious reasons it won’t work.
  • Are not going to benefit from it.
  • If I don’t think that hypnosis will genuinely help you and make real lasting change, then I will not hypnotise you and you will receive your money back.

Is it possible to get “stuck” in hypnosis?

As trance is something that we use all the time in a completely natural way, it is simply not possible to get “stuck” in hypnosis. For some people, they find that it is such a wonderful and fantastic place that they would rather stay there than come back up to the conscious world, but I have special techniques to ensure that they do come back (or else!)

What will it be like after my session?

How do you want to be after your session? Remember that it is not the hypnotist that changes: IT IS YOU.

What kind of changes do you want to see? If you’re expecting to be exactly the same person as you were before, do you think it will work? No of course not, so have a think about how different you might be afterwards and look forward to achieving the goals in your life that have somehow eluded you. Until now that is!

Some people report strong or vivid dreams after a session, while others report deep and undisturbed sleep: eveyone is different.

I will of course follow up all treatements within a week or two to ensure that you have all questions answered and to ask for some feedback.

Can I bring a friend/relative?

Yes of course! As long as your friend or relative is not going to distract you from concentrating on the session, then they are quite welcome. If you want to get a few people round for a group session that is also possible: Please contact me to arrange this.


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