For lasting change

Do you want hypnosis or do you want change?

You may have found this site by searching for hypnosis, and you may be aware that it is just one technique for achieving positive change. Clients will always receive the best help we can give you and this will include the use of the most effective and efficient techniques available to us. Sometimes this will be hypnosis and sometimes this will be something else although most of the time it will be a combination of techniques that really makes the change stick.

Change for good

Although hypnotherapy and other change techniques are often thought of as ways to help “fix” something, they work just as well for those looking to enhance or take themselves to the next level. Whether that be in sports, work or simply wanting to discover something new about themselves. We have enquiries about time management, email inbox control and even social skills and networking. All of these things we can and do work with.

The approach

A careful discussion of your goals to set specific time frames and measurable results before starting any formal treatments ensures that you are both comfortable with the process and will be able to measure its success!

Whatever the goal of your session; be it therapy for alcoholism, phobias, weight loss, giving up smoking or help with anything from nerves and concentration to sports performance, we believe in ensuring that every session is specific to you. You will be asked for followup feedback a week of two after completing your session to ensure that you continue to achieve the desired results and ensure that we can keep track of my success rates and continue to develop a highly professional and effective practice.

Content free

Don’t feel comfortable sharing what’s bothering you? That’s OK, we can do “content free” where we work without the need for details leaving you feeling better.


Based in Cobham in North Kent, we have a quiet, rural location with minimal distractions and a tranquil, comfortable setting where we can work through whatever stuff you require. We offer home visits as well, so if you’re stuck inside or don’t have transport, get in touch and we’ll find a time when we can come to you.

Helping you become a better you